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Back to the start

 Everything in your hands, Everything in its time. 
A time of recommitment, less of self and more of you.
I am in no place to take control, knew it from the start but now please take control. 
The more I try to make things work, the worse they turn out. 
You are my provider and my guide.
I believe that you will bring me where you have for me to go. 
Go before me and just roll out the path. 
Tired of chasing dreams and hopes.. just wanna keep chasing you. 


Technology brings the world closer, brings convenience, speed and all but at the same time, it takes away humanity. As we rely more and more on the tools that enable non verbal communication and physical contact, our senses are slowly deteriorating, our ability to relate to humans decrease. Increased tension, increased miscommunication. The irony of it all, a tool for communication promotes miscommunication.

Chains be broken, limit lifted

The friendship, the note, the gesture, all mean so much coupled with a timely message and an awakening of the hopes and dreams. Chains are broken, life restored, limits lifted, anticipating more.

The Pursuit of Identity

Truly inspiring talk I've just attended with some penny for thought.

The pursuit of identity is evident in the society. Whether it is to identify oneself with the surrounding or just to discover more about where we originated. Humans have never grown tired of finding out our true identity and it is something that can cripple or something that can build. Often times, the social pursuit is separated from the scientific pursuit, yet many instances, these two go hand in hand. It is almost a symbiotic relationship.

Why is our identity so important to us that we are willing to pump billions into the study of the human genome? The improvement in science and technology together with the paradigm shifts that occur throughout the years have opened up our views of what determines a human being or even a species. It is beyond the physical resemblance, but something even deeper than that. What we know is often limited by our perception, our preset boundaries etc. The speed at which science moves is limited by the rate at which we humans are ready to accept the reality. The things we know about us, is limited by what the society deems as important and appropriate. Mysteries in life may baffle us but maybe it is just because we are not bold enough to take that step of faith and experiment.

Thinking about how many ppl are not accepting of the true meaning of life, is it because evidences are not there or that you are not bold enough to take the step of faith to look at them.

How can you believe in something you cannot see? A common question asked. How do you know you cannot see? It is just that what we can see is limited by tools we have and also the knowledge of the usage of these tools. It's really time we stop doubting and start picking up the tools we have to explore what we've been missing out on that can contribute to the pursuit of our identity. A known identity that is waiting to be discovered.

be free

Many times things cloud my mind. Problems that may or may not exist. Entertaining those thoughts can be torturous and each time i wonder why they come back to haunt. Is it coz I have drifted away from You?

Why is it that people can form deep, long lasting relationships and yet all i have is seemingly superficial acquaintances?

Thinking too much? Perhaps.

I want to be a kid again.

The thoughts that one chooses to entertain are often predisposed by experiences. Experiences that scar. What can remove that? I think I know the answer but now I need to feel it too.


In lieu of my procrastination, a good chat with a friend, interesting revelations and great seeing life in a different perspective.

So.. the movie that many ppl have raved about, inception, has a greater meaning to it. Ideas are like infectious diseases as described in the movie with the potential to infect your mind. Thinking about it in our Christian walk, the devil plants ideas in our minds that we subconsciously neglect the potency of it. When we do realize that it is a thought and not reality, we have the choice to snap out of it or continue droning on it. The dangers, self explanatory. In order for us to be able to tell reality and dream apart, we have our totem, which in the context, the Bible, something we check against to know if we are still in that dangerous world of thoughts.

Interesting how a movie can reveal truths to us, only if we take time to sit on it..


When we have myopia, we are prescribed glasses to help us see things clearer, to bring objects into vision. We have to constantly ensure that our glasses are clean, prevent it from being scratched and just keep it in a good condition so it helps us see better. Some extra benefits are aesthetic.

In our lives, when we start to get myopic and only able to have narrow views, we need glasses to help us see better, to help us gain a broader perspective. What can be the glasses in our lives? God can. When we are close to Him (wearing Him on us), we start to see beyond ourselves and beyond our own circumstances. We start to be more aware of things around us. Then tiny blessings come our way as well. There are many other things that help us gain this broader perspective, but only if we decide to take them up and stop focusing on self.

Is it better to live in a blurry world or must everything be so precise and crystal clear. Sometimes not seeing things clearly, opens up a whole new perspective. But in other cases, not seeing things clearly, can lead us down a road we never wanted to go on or never thought we'd ever enter.

thoughts to be heard or silenced?

what is a selfish want?

Is this a childhood dream or a desire purely due to envy?

Why all the trouble?

Is it really worth it?

Expectation precedes disappointment. Life comes before death.


Oh why the competition and the need to be perfect. As contented as i am, i am not satisfied. The peak seems unreachable and everytime i look at it, i slide down the slippery slopes of the mountain, Have I been working hard?


The words "trust me" bears a heavy weight. Before uttering those two words, there has to be great amount of commitment to uphold it. When the commitment isn't there, there are consequences. The value depreciates. The words mean a lot less each time a person fails to live by it.

Next time before asking others to "trust me", might really help to just take a step back to think about how trustworthy you are. Before trusting someone, always be careful. Pick wisely. Sounds so much like an investment or sorts.. Not too sure how trusts work in the financial world but i'm sure the agreement has to hold on certain grounds.

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